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The Riddle of the Sword

'The most fearsome of all 108 Relics,
The sword that destroys destiny,
The Child to End All Wars.
But the Child is chained up.

The sheath of riddles.
Read, operate the device, and free the sword.
No power can unbind the seal.
Only wisdom will make him free.'

The makers of the Relics had a great sense of humor.
They wanted their works to be art, not just tools.

For instance, the structure of the puzzle that covers the Child to End All Wars was outstanding.
It really felt like solving it, finding out the answer from the riddle.
However, there is no way to unlock it.
The sheath was forged so that no stories to free the Relic can exist.

The riddle itself is a fraud and trick made by the makers.
But indeed no physical strength can break the seal,
leaving only wisdom to abandon obsession with the weapon.